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Three White Soldiers: 2 Variations+ Trading Tips


Three white soldiers—sounds strange, doesn’t it? You may wonder where this strange name comes from. Well, it’s associated with some old wars. Different with another often mentioned pattern—three black crows, it usually indicate a kind of bullish power.

So what is three white soldiers? what does it mean? How to use three white soldiers? Here this article tries to introduce the three white soldiers pattern in detail and it mainly contains:

Original Pattern


See the original pattern first.

It is formed by three white candlesticks as the names shows. And the closes of these three candlesticks must be consecutively higher. Each candlestick should close near or at its high price.(It’s a subjective judgment. Different people have different understanding about the word ‘near’). Each candlestick should opens at or near the previous closes(or in other words, previous candlestick real body).

There is no quantized accurate definition about three white soldiers like many other candlestick patterns. So if you see some statistical data of a candlestick pattern, you should know how they define the pattern. Small differences between the definition will make great influence on the results.

Most data says that the three white soldiers appears at a low price area, then it is a bullish signal.

Original Pattern-Example-1

See the chart below, it shows a three white soldiers pattern clearly.

It’s GBPUSD H1 chart. And candlestick 1,2, 3 formed a three white soldiers.

  1. Candlestick 1,2,3 are all bullish(white) candlesticks.
  2. Candlestick 1,2,3 all have short upper shadow.(It means that they all close near their highs)
  3. Candlestick 2 opens near the candlestick 1 closes, and candlestick 3 opens near the candlestick 2 closes.(It means they all opens near the previous candlestick real body)

In this chart, the price rose from A to B and retraced weakly to C. All the candlesticks are small during the whole retracement, which showed how powerful the bull was. Nobody wanted to sell. Then a three white soldiers appeared, and the bullish candlesticks were much longer than the previous bearish candlesticks, candlestick 3 closed above the highs of B.

All the things showed that the market was in strongly bullish, the three white soldiers here had great value of trading.

It should be noted again that the word ‘near’ is subjective. The price closes near the highs and the price opens near the previous real body are all subjective things. So different traders may have different judgment on the same pattern.

Original Pattern-Example-2

See the chart below. It’s GBPUSD H1 chart.Do you think it is a three white soldiers?


Some traders may say yes. Here candlestick 1,2,3 are all white candlesticks and they all open near the previous real body. The only argued point here is the candlestick 2 upper shadow. Some thinks it is too long so the circled part should not be three white soldiers.

There is no standard answers to this question. But if you want to trade with three white soldiers, you’d better do the following thing—quantized (Note that the quantized here is totally different from the previous mentioned quantized. The previous one refers to that for the same pattern, different traders will have different judgement, there is no uniform answers. The word here refers to for the same trader, he can define the three white soldiers by himself). What does it mean? Once you quantized the pattern, you could judge a three white soldiers pattern quickly and clearly. If you judge it randomly or simply according to your mood, then you may miss the real trading opportunity or do wrong the trading.

Here is a reference method to quantizes the three white soldiers. Define the percentage of the upper shadow to the candlestick body. For example, the length of upper shadow must be shorter than 20% real body length. So it is the same with opening ‘near’.

Original Pattern-Example-3

See the chart below.

If you define the upper shadow should not be longer than 20% real body length, so the candlestick 1 will not meet the demands, naturally the circled part is not a three white soldiers, and the three white soldiers characters could not be used here.

In fact, besides the above definition, there are more different detailed conditions to judge a three white soldiers pattern.

For example, someone thinks that it must occur after a decline, someone thinks the three candlestick should have similar length real body. If see the original definition only, then a question comes. Every three candlesticks meet the definition in a continuous rising bullish market, are they all three white soldiers?

See the chart below.

If the purple circled pattern belongs to three white soldiers, then how about the red circled? blue circled? green circled? Are they three white soldiers? Few data mentions this kind of condition, but it is so common in real market.

This article regards they all as three white soldiers. In fact, if there are enough this kind of candlesticks, it forms a record sessions pattern.


Sometimes the candlesticks of three white soldiers may be very long, on the one hand, it shows a strong bullish power. On the other hand, it may cause overbought.

See the chart below.

A three white soldiers pattern appeared after two small bearish candlesticks. The third candlestick was very long and broke out the previous highs resistance. The price rose more than 70 pips in several hours, however, the stochastic oscillator indicator showed clearly that the market was overbought. So it’s not hard to understand the following market did not keep moving up.


In fact, besides the original pattern, it also has some typical variations such as advance block pattern and stalled pattern.

Variation 1—Advance Block

If the second and third candlestick or just the third candlestick showed the rising weakness, then it forms an advance block. The progressively smaller white real body or relatively long upper shadows on the last two candlesticks are all the signs of weakness. Of course, the judgment here are also subjective.

Advance Block-Example-1

See the chart below.

It’s GBPUSD H1 chart. The three candlesticks in the first circle formed an advance block pattern. The third one appeared near the previous high resistance and had a relatively long upper shadow, which was a weakness sign. Later the market formed a congestion zone and the advance block pattern 2 appeared at the end of this zone. The mechanism of this pattern was different from advance block 1. In advance block 2, the last two candlesticks was progressively smaller, which was also a sign of weakness. It should be noted that the weakness sign is just a sign, it does not mean the market will drop.

In such case, it’s a good opportunity to reduce the long position especially when the advance block appeared near the resistance area. And it could also be used to improve the stop loss. But do not sell just according to advance block pattern, though it is a rising weakness sign.

Advance Block-Example-2

See another example.

It’s GBPJPY H1 chart. The price rebounded to 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of A-B, and look at the three candlesticks in the circle, they formed an advance block pattern.

  1. Three candlesticks were all white candlesticks.
  2. They all closed near the previous real body, and the first candlestick has short upper shadow(closed near the high price)
  3. The latter candlesticks are progressively smaller and they had relatively long upper shadow.

Just for this advance block pattern itself here, smaller real body and long upper shadow showed the weaker bullish power, what’s worse, the last two candlesticks met the 61.8% Fibonacci resistance. So the price dropped sharply again.

Although it showed the weakness, as the above words mentioned, it could not be used to sell, it could only be alert. In this example, a big bearish candlestick confirmed the rising trouble, so the trading opportunity is to sell after this bearish candlestick.

Variation 2—Stalled Pattern

If the second candlestick is long white and makes a new high, while the third white candlestick is small, then it is called stalled pattern.

Stalled Pattern-Example-1

See the stalled pattern in the following chart.

The circled three candlesticks formed a stalled pattern.

  1. Three candlesticks were all white
  2. The second candlestick were long and made a new high(compared with first candlestick), the third candlestick was small.
  3. Three candlesticks opened near the previous real body, and the first two candlesticks closed near their highs.
Stalled Pattern-Example-2

See another example, it shows advance block and stalled pattern clearly.

The first circled three candlesticks formed an advance block, the second circled three candlesticks formed a stalled pattern. For the advance block pattern, the first candlestick is usually little longer than the second candlestick, or at least has the similar length. However, for the stalled pattern, the second candlestick usually is far longer than the first candlestick.

For both of them, they are not top reversal pattern. They are just an alert and could be used to reduce the long position or improve the stop loss, especially when they occur near the resistance area.

Trading Tips

In fact, few traders will trade according to the three white soldiers. Some traders test it and find that it brings so many losses. Even though, it still has some positive news.

Three white soldiers is a pattern combination, not a single candlestick, so if traders want to confirm a three white soldiers pattern, they have to wait for the third candlestick closed. Sometimes the best trading opportunity lost when the pattern confirmed, but sometimes it is just at right time.


See the chart below.

It’s USDCAD H1chart. The market dropped little and white candlestick 1 occurred. It almost ate the previous three small candlesticks decline. It’s a positive signal. Next white candlestick2 and candlestick 3 appeared.

  1. Candlestick 1,2 and 3 were all white candlesticks
  2. Candlestick 1,2 and 3 all had short upper shadow, they all closed near their highs.
  3. Candlestick 2 opened near the candlestick 1 closes, candlestick 3 opened near the candlestick 2 closes.

So here the candlestick 1,2 and 3 formed a three white soldiers pattern showed as the above chart. This pattern appeared after a small decline, which was a bullish signal. And candlestick 3 broke out the previous highs, which meant the bull was confirmed.

So here in terms of trading, buy after the white candlestick 3, set the stop loss below the low of candlestick 1, or add some filter such as the bollinger bands or ATR.


See another typical example.

White candlestick 1 appeared after the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of A-B, and almost closed at the same price as the previous candlestick high. Then two white candlesticks followed. They three candlesticks formed a three white soldiers pattern, which was a bullish signal. And at the same time, candlestick 3 broke out the previous high B, which was a confirmation, and also a entry sign.

There were several signs to believe that the decline may change.

  1. The price stop dropping at the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of A-B
  2. Three white soldiers appeared after the decline, which was a bullish signal
  3. Candlestick 3strongly broke out previous high resistance B

So it’s easy to trade here. Buy at the first candlestick after the candlestick 3, set the stop loss below the low of candlestick 1. And of course, money management must be considered.


Sometimes when the three white soldiers appears, the price has already break out the important resistance. It’s too late at this case to use the three white soldiers as entry signal.

See the below USDCAD H1 chart.

Candlestick 2 broke out the previous high resistance, which was a up moving signal. Traders could buy here according to this breakthrough. Later the candlestick 3 appeared, and when it closed, the circled three candlesticks formed a three white soldiers pattern.

  1. Three candlesticks were all white
  2. They all closed near their high price
  3. They all opened near the previous real body.

The three white soldiers here could be a confirmation to the breakthrough, but the best entry is candlestick 3(after the candlestick 2 breakthrough). When the three white candlestick completed, it is a little late to buy. Of course, nothing is absolute. Sometimes filters are added to the trading system. For example, some trading systems require wave amplitude after the breakthrough before entering the market( to filter some false breakthrough). In this case, traders will not buy immediately when the highs are broken, they will wait for more price movement to filter the false breakout.


Sometimes there are many continuous white candlesticks and the three white soldiers are mixed up with them. It is a continuation of the market, and traders must pay attention to the risk of overbought. It’s hard to trade in this kind of market.

See the below USDCAD H1 chart.


In fact, the candlestick 1-6 formed a continuous new high pattern. Candlestick 1 and 2 had relatively long upper shadow(different people have different judgment here, it’s subjective), the black circled three sticks and the blue circled three candlesticks both formed three white soldiers. They all were the continuous of uptrend.


However, in most common case, the three white soldiers appears randomly. It does not break out any resistance and there is no reference for it. That’s why many data shows it will cause many losses.

See a typical example.

The circled candlesticks formed a three white soldiers pattern. It could only be used as an alert. The market may begin to be bullish. It’s hard to trade with three white soldier in this case, and many other confirmations needed.

See the how it combines with other methods in these case.

The black circled area formed a three white soldiers pattern, which appeared after a decline. It was a bullish signal, but just a signal. In other words, the bullish smell is not enough. More confirmation needed. Later the market began to drop, drew the Fibonacci retracement of A-B and found that the market stop dropping at 76.4% Fibonacci retracement of A-B, then a bullish engulfing pattern appeared.

The previous three white soldiers reminded that the market may be bullish, then the 74.6% Fibonacci and bullish engulfing confirmed it. So the bullish engulfing could be the first entry, and the price goals are showed in the chart.

Next the market broke out the high resistance B with middle bullish candlestick, which could be the second entry.

As for the two three white soldiers variations-advance block and stalled pattern, they almost have no trading value in real trading.


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